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  • How can I start my learning with the Pest Posse Academy?

    First you will need to create an account and then set up monthly payments by entering your credit card information. After this is out of the way you are ready to start your learning. First, you sign in with a user email and password that would be created when you first sign up. When a company signs up for The Pest Posse Academy each employee will have their own unique sign-in using a designated email from the company owner, administrator, or other designated person within the company. Once you have signed in you are set to take any one of the available courses.

  • Do you have continuing education credits?

    Yes, we have approved training providers for California, Florida, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington. We have submitted requests in additional states and we are waiting for approval. Our goal is to provide 8-10 hours of continuing education credits in different categories each year.

  • How many training courses will I have access to?

    If you subscribed to the Professional Training Solution you will have immediate access to over 50 courses. With this subscription, approximately 2-4 new courses will be provided each month. The other subscriptions are as follows; The Pest Posse Academy Learner, you will have immediate access to 10 training courses with 8 new training courses being provided over the next 12 months. With the Pest Posse Academy Yearly Training Solution, you will have immediate access to 24 training courses, access to the courses for 12 months, and 6 new training courses being added with the next 12 months.

  • How do I access my courses?

    Once you sign on you will be brought to the Student Dashboard that has the available training course. There are different tracks available that will let you chose which training courses you would like to engage in. Each course tile has options to either See Overview or Start Course. Now if you start a course and then don’t complete it when you look at the course tile again on this page it will change to Resume Course and the percentage will change to show the amount of the course that is completed. When a course is completed and you look at the course tile again on this page it will change to Rate Course and the percentage will change to show 100% of the course is completed.

  • When will I get billed for my monthly subscription?

    Your subscription renews every 30 days from the date that you started your account. So if you start your account on June 1st, it will renew on July 1st.

  • How can I cancel my membership?

    If for some reason you feel you must cancel your subscription, please send an email to [email protected] letting us know that you want to cancel your subscription. We will then process your request within 24 hours of receiving it.