Continuous On-Demand Training

Through our continuous on-demand training we help fill the training gap without interrupting daily operations. A continuous training solution by the Pest Posse Academy provides your employees with video-based micro learning training courses that are relevant and fun so that they will stay engaged while learning. By contacting us today we can provide a customized training solution for your company. Let us know what you need so that way we can send you a personalized training solution for your company.

Value of Online Training

The value of online training has never been more evident than right now. According to research reported by SHIFT eLearning, it requires 40 to 60 percent less time for employees to learn the same material online versus in a traditional classroom setting. It has been well documented that Employees retain more of the information presented to them when it is online. There is no reason to pull technicians off their routes with Pest Posse Academy because our platform allows technicians and support staff to engage in training at a time that works for them.

50 Plus Years of Experience

Learn from two pest management professionals with over 50 plus years of combined experience in the pest management industry. They have developed this continuous training solution to be fun and engaging. It does not matter if you are new to the pest control industry or have several years of experience, continuous training sharpens your skills and knowledge and has proven to increase sales and customer retention.

Preview of Training Course Lesson

Customize Training Solutions

What are customized training solutions? It starts with a free 30-minute consultation designed to get to know you, your company, and your training needs. We will then provide you with a training solution that will meet your needs and provide your company with a plug-n-play training solution for your entire team. If you want to start with one or two employees, select one of the training solutions below. Contact us today to begin your journey to a new way of training for you and your team.

The Professional Training Solution will provide a continuous training solution for each employee. There is immediate access to over are over 80 training courses with new training courses provided each month. This training solutions will help new and seasoned pest management professional grow their skills and knowledge in the pest control industry. And yes, some of these training courses are approved for continuing education credits in some states.

The Limited Pro Training Solution will provide immediate access to 26 training courses with several new courses being added over the next 12 months. This training solution has no monthly commitments and courses are available for 12 months only. Also, some of training courses are approved for continuing education credits in some states.