Training for Your Business

We know your pain: you are too busy to develop training for your team and the budget doesn't support bringing in consultants or hiring extra staff. No worries, we've got your back! Our continuous training solution reduces your team's time away from their route and minimizes costs without sacrificing quality or effectiveness.

Training for Individuals

You are a pest management professional with a passion for being the best at solving pest issues and servicing the needs of your customers. However, you have no time to stop work to attend in-person training at a seminar. Sign up for our continuous training solution to engage in the training when it best fits your busy schedule to advance your skills and knowledge.

What People Are Saying About Pest Posse Academy

“The Pest Posse has given our staff much needed information regarding pest control trends and has influenced us in our decision making for protocols and product choices.”

Owner at Dominion Pest Control

Gregory Pettis

“With the Pest Posse Academy, I am able to provide my employees regular training meetings twice a month with training that is relevant and engaging. Your training is outstanding, and my employees enjoy the quick short lessons that are provided.”

Owner Star Pest Control

Travis Reynolds

“I have found there is more information and more value with what The Pest Posse is offering than compared to the companies that provided training for me. Keep up the great work! ”

Owner at DB Pest Control

Danny Burt

“Continuous learning is critical for every industry. This does that on an online platform. As a small business, it's nice to get some training ensuring I'm up to date on trends and topics relevant to the industry. Great job, keep it up the good work.”

Hawk Mosquito & Pest Control

Robert Brant

“Great for the small business guys! Lots of helpful info. And you pick up some credits along the way. Awesome!! ”

Exterminator at Trinh Enterprises LLC/Technical Pest Control

Sarah Trinh

“The Pest Posse is one of the best reliable and have so much knowledge about pest control and products. I love the The Pest Posse Academy training. Great service from trusted team! Highly recommended!”

International Sales at Burrtec

Ken Arai

Value of Online Training

The value of online training has never been more evident than right now. According to research reported by SHIFT eLearning, it requires 40 to 60 percent less time for employees to learn the same material online versus in a traditional classroom setting. It has been well documented that Employees retain more of the information presented to them when it is online. There is no reason to pull technicians off their routes with Pest Posse Academy because our platform allows technicians and support staff to engage in training at a time that works for them.

Benefits of Pest Posse Academy

  • Micro learning training courses that are all video based (5-10 minute lessons with courses being 30-40 minutes in length)

  • New and different training courses provided on a regular basis during the calendar year (Professional Training Solution only)

  • Training courses on the fundamentals and principles of professional pest control

  • Takes the pain, time, and energy out of creating a training program for your company

  • Provides a better company culture, higher employee retention and better customer satisfaction

  • Certificates of completion provided after completion of a training course

  • Continuing education credits provided for some course

Accredited Training

The Pest Posse Academy is accredited pest control training, and several training courses have been approved for continuing education credits in several states. Pest Posse Academy training was designed not as another CEU provider. The goal is to provide all Pest Management Professionals with a continuous training solution to help them grow and succeed in the pest control industry no matter how many years of experience they have.
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Sample of Training Course Lesson

Meet the Pest Posse Academy Instructors

Culley started in the pest control industry in 1995 and has worked at several pest control companies in California. In 1997, while working for a large pest control company in California, he advanced to a branch level commercial supervisor at one of their larger offices, and then after a few years of supervising he began running the turf & ornamental department at this same branch office. He has a current active California Branch 2 Operator license (general pest control). His strengths are brainstorming, big-picture thinking, leadership, problem-solving, customer service, public speaking & training groups, and individuals.

Culley Christensen


Meet the Pest Posse Academy Instructors

Foster started in the pest control industry in 1993 and currently holds an active California Branch 2 Operators license (general pest control). Everywhere he’s worked he has always risen to the top in pest control sales and pest control route production. His strengths are communication, problem-solving, customer service, organization, training, and sales. He pays attention to detail and is great at accomplishing his goals.

Foster Brusca



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