Annual Safety Training

Most states require that newly hired service technicians and current seasoned service technicians perform safety training annually and at the time of hire. The Annual Safety Training provided by Pest Posse Academy provides this required training online so it can be done at your pace. This training includes vital information on safely performing your job as a pest management professional.

Accredited Safety Training

The Pest Posse Academy Annual Safety Training has been approved for continuing education credits in several states. Just because your state is not approved for continuing education credits does not mean that you should not be taking this training. This course is a vital part of understanding and performing pest control correctly.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Annual Safety Training Series Introduction

    • Identity Verification

    • What to Expect from this Series

  • 02

    Understanding the Pesticide Label and SDS

    • Reading a Pesticide Label Correctly

    • Reviewing Label Sections

    • What You Learned About Reading Labels

    • Background on Safety Data Sheets

    • Reviewing Sections 1-4

    • Reviewing Sections 5-8

    • Reviewing Sections 9-12

    • Reviewing Sections 13-16

    • What You Learned About Safety Data Sheets

    • Label and SDS Chapter Quiz

  • 03

    What is Chemical Toxicity

    • Overview of Chemical Toxicity & Routes of Entry

    • What is Lethal Dose 50 & the Hazards and Health Effects

    • Properly Educating Your Customers

    • What You Learned About Chemical Toxicity

    • Chemical Toxicity Chapter Quiz

  • 04

    Spill Control Procedures

    • Review of a Spill Control Kit and Spill Control Procedures

    • Exterior and Interior Spill Control

    • What You Learned About Spill Control

    • Spill Control Chapter Quiz

  • 05

    Spill Prevention

    • What is Spill Prevention and Spill Containment Plan

    • Proper Chemical Storage and Preventing Chemical Spills

    • What You Learned About Spill Prevention

    • Spill Prevention Chapter Quiz

  • 06

    Personal Protective Equipment

    • What is Personal Protective Equipment

    • What You Learned About Personal Protective Equipment

    • Personal Protective Equipment Chapter Quiz

  • 07

    Respiratory Protection Program

    • History of the Respirator

    • Respirator Overview

    • Respirator Selection and Maintenance

    • What You Learned About the Respiratory Protection Program

    • Respiratory Protection Program Chapter Quiz

  • 08

    Summing up the Annual Safety Training

    • What You Learned in Annual Safety Training